Secrets of tea

Different people make tea in different ways.

European tea traditions, for example, were formed under the influence of England. Actually, as a result of this, black tea became more popular than green tea. In England very popular is tea with bergamot, embodied in several varieties: «Earl Grey», «English №1» and others. The British were the first who started to mix different kinds of tea, having received in the result such famous blends as «English Breakfast», «Royal Blend» etc. In addition, the British, to a large extent, have created the modern tea etiquette and the appearance of modern tea ware. Many of the currently known tea snacks also come from the shores of Albion, the same as the tradition of drinking tea with milk.

In India there was born a tradition to drink tea with spices. There are several Indian traditional recipes, which include even the pepper. Although in some central Asian countries people brew black tea and dilute it with milk, Central Asia, above all, discovered the tradition of tea drinking as a remedy for the heat. It should be green tea, and certainly from pialas. In Morocco this tradition developed a bit – they drink tea from tall glasses, brewing mixed with mint (but still green). In some other Asian countries (Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan) people drink very sweet and, sometimes, very strong tea. Finally, the United States began to cool the brewed tea and mix it with additional flavours, ice, or sometimes carbonate – so, we get the Ice Tea.

Meanwhile, in some regions there remained the ways of tea making, which are not based on the brewing tea leaves in the pure water. In Japanese tea ceremony the powdered green tea is whipped. In addition, one of the traditional varieties of Japanese green tea – Jenmicha – although brewed with hot water, contains rice and some other additives. And Buryatia, Mongolia and Tibet continue cooking tea soups.

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