Vaisinė šalta arbata - "Summer Fruit"

Trumpas kodas: 1997
Visas kodas: 054881019972
Pakavimo: 20 x 2 g
Vaisinė šalta arbata  - "Summer Fruit"

Refresh yourself with the flavours of Strawberry, Raspberry and Cherry in this delicious sugar-free and caffeine-free cooler. Brew this summer fruits blend in cold water, any time, wherever you are.Brew for 5 minutes, in cold still or sparkling water and serve with ice.

• Easy to brew in just five minutes without the need to boil water
• Teabags can be added to bottled water to enjoy on-the-go
• A refreshing drink to enjoy especially in the summer months
• A healthy product, which is both caffeine and sugar-free

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